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The Dirty Bird Installation

Installation Features

  • Do it yourself product
  • Five minute installation, no gluing necessary –
  • Carbon filter controls odors and is user serviceable if needed
  • All stainless steel hardware
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty against breaking and chipping
  • Can be used as a pedestal or birdbath
  • Molded in three colors: Granite, Sand Stone,Terra Cotta
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Step 1:

  • Make sure ground is fairly level at base of pipe.
  • Unpack contents. Cut pipe with saw approximately 18 inches from the ground. (Anywhere between 14 and 24 inches is fine).
  • Don’t worry about cutting the pipe perfectly straight. There is no gluing or butt connections. Just slide The Dirty Bird over the pipe!

Step 2:

  • Slide The Dirty Bird pedestal over the top of the cut pipe.
  • Push down until base is flush with the ground.
  • Your septic vent is now fully functional! You can use it as a pedestal and place whatever you want on top or proceed to the next step.
  • If you use it as a pedestal, the item may be no more than 12 inches high
    and 20 pounds.

Step 3:

  • Align threaded basin stem with female threads on pedestal.
  • Turn basin clockwise just until it stops.

Have questions about your pipe size? We are approved and tested for other alternative septic systems, too.

Contact us below or call (866) 968-9668.

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