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Tips for a Fire Escape Garden

Tips for a Fire Escape Garden

Apartment life in the city can make gardening seem impossible. For obvious reasons, apartment dwellers just do not have access to green space. If you have a fire escape, this can serve as your plot of land, and with a little plant knowledge and creativity you can create a beautiful garden right outside your window.

First Check if it is Legal

The first thing you need to do is find out if it is even legal to put plants on your fire escape. Some cities have laws forbidding things on fire escapes. Mostly you just need to make certain the area is clear enough to remain a safe space for use in the event of a real emergency.

Planting Vegetables

Vegetables that can be cut and will re-grow work great for the fire escape garden. Varieties of lettuce, kale, and other leafy greens will grow in pots. You can cultivate, cut for use, and they simply keep coming back. They are also make for a beautiful plot of green.

Fresh Herbs Right Outside Your Window

Fresh herbs are another crop which can be easily cultivated on a fire escape garden. Basil and oregano will thrive in the high light which so often beats down on a fire escape. Keep pinching back the tops on your basil and it will bush-out beautifully.

Hanging Plants and Flowers

Hanging pots are another great option for the garden on your fire escape. The advantage of hanging pots is that they can be set out of the way of the walk way for safety. Moss Rose is a fantastic hanging plant because it spreads out instead of creating a bush which can block access. It also blooms with small red flowers almost continuously.

Again, the most important consideration before beginning your fire escape garden is to maintain safety. Beyond this, it is a matter of imagination. You can be an apartment dweller and a small scale urban farmer.

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