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Late Summer Planting Tips

Late Summer Planting Tips

We are rounding the last weeks of summer and it is time to start thinking about the kinds of things best suited for late Summer planting. In fact, there are quite a few things which are best suited for late Summer, and there are a few gardening tasks which come around at this time of year that you will want to manage in order to keep your garden beautiful.

We have just a few tips that should get your garden in shape through mid-Fall.

Water Everywhere: Late Summer, the dog-days, are often hot and dry. It is critical to stay on top of watering. Your beds and planters are going to dry up faster than your think.

Deadhead your Flowers: This is the time to start cutting back any old blooms. This will prevent them from setting seed. Your roses will thank you by continuing to bloom for several more weeks. Small flowers like pansies can be gently pruned back with a pair of shears.

Planting Plants: It is not a good time to start things from seed. Put small growth from planters in the ground in late Summer. This is actually a fine time to re-plant hardy herbs such as thyme and mint. These will do well in late Summer and continue to flourish for weeks to come.

Late Summer Vegetables: Cauliflower, broccoli, and onions are all happy to go in the ground in late Summer. These are tough vegetables that will grow right into Fall. Spinach and radishes will also hold up from late Summer into Fall.

Just because the days are getting shorter and we can sense the coming of Fall does not mean we are finished with our Summer gardens. There is still plenty of life in the garden and plenty of work to be done.

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