The product

The Dirty Bird® Septic is the only septic vent designed, engineered, produced and tested in the USA as a fully, functioning decorative septic vent with odor control. It meets all EPA septic venting regulations as well as Audubon Society specifications as a birdbath.

Lifetime warranty

Featuring all stainless hardware, The Dirty Bird comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty against breaking and chipping. The Dirty Bird uses100% recyclable materials (Low Density Polyethylene), which means it is safe for the environment.

The alternatives

You can plant shrubs around your septic vent pipe, but there is no guarantee on plant life. You can paint the pipe, but the paint will chip. You can also get a fake rock to cover it, but you will not be venting the gases and/or restricting the flow (which can significantly shorten the life of the septic system).