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The Dirty Bird wont by itself make your yard into a showpiece, but it is a start! Here are some landscaping tips from The Dirty Bird to make sure everything around your product looks its best!

Are you making the most of your small outdoor space?

Not all yards are created equal. Some outdoor spaces are smaller than others, but having a small yard does not mean it can't look great. There are things you can do to make a small outdoor space not only look bigger, but have great curb appeal. Some of these include...

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Xeriscaping is the Answer to Gardening

Everyone wants their home to look nice, but sometimes watering and maintaining a garden proves too difficult or not worth the hassle. If this is what keeps your home from having the curb appeal you desire, then xeriscaping may be for you! What is Xeriscaping?...

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It’s Time You Give Yourself a Flower Garden!

A Flower Garden is the Perfect Thing! Now that the weather is warm and being outside just feels right, a flower garden may be the thing to make your yard feel like an extension of your home.  A garden creates an inviting space for friends, kids, and even birds and...

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Entice Yourself with a Vegetable Garden

We’ve all made the promise to ourselves to eat healthier, and many of us forget that vow as soon as we see an ad for a juicy burger. But planting your own vegetable garden could be the tool that keeps alive the motivation to eat healthier.

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Spring Yard Cleanup; We’re All in it Together!

Winter is in the rear-view mirror, flowers are blooming and the weather is fine, which means one thing...YARD CLEANUP! Don't worry, you're not the only one who left that last layer of leaves on the ground saying, "I'll do it in the spring."  You're not the...

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Mulching: The Unsung Hero of Landscaping!

Mulching in flowerbeds and around lawn items offers a clean, well-kept look, but did you know... mulching in warm months suppresses weeds conserves moisture in the soil moderates soil temperatures while the spring temps jump around Mulching in cold months Protects...

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