Not all yards are created equal. Some outdoor spaces are smaller than others, but having a small yard does not mean it can’t look great. There are things you can do to make a small outdoor space not only look bigger, but have great curb appeal. Some of these include using the space wisely, utilizing space off the ground and implementing dual-purpose features.

Use Space Wisely

  • A great way to save space and create the appearance of a larger yard is to create zones. Grouping furniture, plants or flowers together can give the space a modular look and make it appear more spacious.
  • Use lines. Long, straight lines can trick the eye into seeing more space than there is. To take advantage of this, plant rows of shrubbery or flowers and slightly slant them toward a focal point at the end of the yard, such as a fence or even The Dirty1 Bird decorative septic vent cover.
  • Using a focal point with slightly slanted lines create the illusion that more space exists than there actually is.
  • Utilize Space Off The Ground.
  • Floor space is sparse, but there’s plenty of air space to utilize for a great looking outdoor area.
  • Use hanging plants or vines growing vertically. They will help spruce up the area without taking up the precious ground space. Having more color and plants growing will create the sense of a larger space.

Implement Dual-Purpose Features

  • Do not feel locked into using a furniture set as a standalone feature. Combining features, such as furniture and potted plants, within a zone is a great way to create a cozy yard.
  • In larger yards, everything has its own space, but a landscaping tip for small yards is to combine features. Just because there is not room for a furniture area and a gazebo with hanging plants, does not mean you can’t have them.
  • If a gazebo fits in the yard, put up the hanging plants inside it, then put in a bench in it. Now there are all the features of a larger yard in one intimate space.

Combining features like this, or utilizing things for dual-purposes, such as using lawn furniture as the focal point of the slanted rows of plants, will make any small yard feel larger.