A Flower Garden is the Perfect Thing!

Now that the weather is warm and being outside just feels right, a flower garden may be the thing to make your yard feel like an extension of your home.  A garden creates an inviting space for friends, kids, and even birds and insects.

First things first

You’ll need to create a space for a flower bed.  Flowers need…

  • Good soil
  • Plenty of water
  • Sunlight.

Put down a nice bed of soil in a spot that will get the required sunlight, but make sure it’s not in a place that is too tricky to water. A great spot to plant a garden is around your Dirty Bird septic cover.

Now you’re ready for flowers

Although prime planting season is the beginning of spring, there are plenty of options for planting in the summer. You can venture to your local nursery or home improvement store and load up on flowers that are in bloom, or pick up seeds of flowers that will bloom in the fall.

Fall-blooming flowers include pansies, nasturtiums and calendula. If you want something flowering now, grab some annuals or perennials that are in bloom. The downside of the latter is they won’t be in bloom for more than another month or two, but the bright side is they’ll be back next year. Fall flowers will start to grow and bloom later, but your flower garden will appear rather bare while you wait. Perhaps the best option is to fill your flower garden with some of each and enjoy great color throughout most of the year.

The hard work begins

There are a number of needs your flower garden requires, and the chores will keep you plenty busy. Mulching will need to be replenished to help regulate the temperature of the soil. Summer heat can destroy plants if the soil is allowed to boil. Watering may be a daily chore for your flower garden depending on the plants you choose. Some need daily watering while others require a drink less frequently, so buy plants that fit your availability for watering and don’t neglect the plants’ needs. Weeds are also a big chore to keep in check. Whether you pull them or spray them, you’ll want to keep tabs on these leafy pests in order to keep them in check.

Final steps

All your flower garden needs now is someone to enjoy it and maybe a little flower fertilizer to help growth. You’ve put in the work to get the flower garden started and perform the maintenance necessary to keep it looking great, so go outside and enjoy it. Sit on the lawn or porch, read a book and sip some lemonade or tea and enjoy the space that you made more beautiful — well, you and Dirty Bird for hiding that embarrassing septic vent.