Fun Fall Decorating Ideas for your Lawn

Fun Fall Decorating Ideas for your Lawn

With the change of the seasons we are again presented with the fun of decorating for fall. Creating that “curb appeal” with the autumnal themes is always fun.

There are, of course, the standard pumpkins and Indian corn displays, but we thought we could get a little but more creative this year. Here are a few innovative and fun fall decorating ideas for your lawn.

Innovative Wreathes: For those on the seacoast, you may want to accent fall wreathes with items directly from the sea. Placing urchins and seashells within the traditional array of pinecones and dried pine boughs makes for a fall wreath which speaks to life on the coast. Add things from the beach for texture and color.

Dressing up old items: You can use old lawn and garden tools as media for creating ornaments around the porch and lawn. One company recommends weaving traditional wreath items into the end of an old leaf rake. You will combine tradition with creative re-use projects (Eclectically Vintage_).

Mix up the gourds: When it is time to put out pumpkins along the walkways and around the yard, experiment with other gourds to create depth, texture, and color. Layer them and interlace them with ivy and other greens to create a pumpkin patch along your walkway and lawn.

Getting creative with your mums: Fall is the time to display mums. We put out these hearty flowers for a reason—they are beautiful and they stand up to the season. Get creative with placing your mums. Try placing them in an old wagon, bushel basket, or wheelbarrow.

Fall border garden: Planting the border garden is an ideal way to dress the lawn for fall. We can suggest Coleus, ornamental okra, and red leaf fern for a vibrant fall bed. Plant short to tall, front to back to allow maximum growth for the plants and maximum appeal to the eye.

We could go on with ideas for fall outdoor decorating, but the upshot here is to get creative. A mix of the traditional fall ornamental plants and decorations with some contemporary flair makes for a fantastic lawn and garden.

Ideas to Beautify your Lawn and Garden for Fall

Ideas to Beautify your Lawn and Garden for Fall

With Fall coming upon us we will want to make the transition to beautifying the lawn for the cooler months. Shorter and cooler days should not deter us from working in the yard and the garden. Quite the opposite, there are plenty of ideas for things to keep us in the lawn and garden for Fall.

Fill bald spots: Starting on a practical note, Fall is the perfect time to fill in and re-seed bald spots in the lawn. Most lawn and garden stores sell what is called a lawn repair mixture which contains seed and fertilizer to lay the bald areas for re-growth in the Spring.

Edge beds: Putting in beds around the edges are a fantastic way of adding dimensions to the yard for Fall. Planting hearty herbs which will hold up to colder weather is fairly easy. Mint, parley, rosemary, and lavender will all hold up in the colder months of Fall and into Winter.

Add Texture to Shady Spots: Using shade loving plants you can add texture and even color to the shady areas of the yard and garden. Ferns and “Patriot” hostas will thrive in the low sunlight and add depth to the lawn and garden. These plants are low maintenance and require little attention beyond planting.

Plant perennials: While the Fall foliage will happen all on its own, why not add your own in your yard. Smokebush, witch hazel and small ornamental maples will provide you with your own contribution to the spectacular color changes of Fall.

There is plenty left to do in the garden and yard as Fall approaches. In fact, this is one of the best times of the year to get out into the grass and the beds and create the ideal space for Fall.