The Dirty Bird

Functional and Decorative Septic Vent

The Dirty Bird Story

Created by Bill Traut, The Dirty Bird is a fully functional septic vent that was initially conceived on a napkin sketch and has turned it into a successful consumer product.

Bill is not just an inventor, though. He grew up installing septic systems with his father and went to college and earned a degree in industrial design. With his real-life experience and education, Bill partnered with an engineer to design and test several kinds of septic vents before arriving at a design that was as elegant as it was functional.

Introduced as a fully functional septic vent concealed as a pedestal/bird bath in 2002, The Dirty Bird™ meets all septic codes and regulations. Disguised as a bird bath, it turns an eyesore into a focal point that additionally meets the Audubon society specs on bird baths, so birds love it, too. It can be used during every season and in all parts of the world.

In the years that have followed, Bill and his team have improved and tested the product for use on several emerging alternative systems, including 6″ vents and AIRVAC™, both of which are used around the world. Freezing temperatures will not damage The Dirty Bird either.

Designed for standard 4″ or alternative septic systems, The Dirty Bird enables homeowners and contractors to turn an eyesore into a functional and decorative focal point in the yard.

Don’t want a bird bath?

Simply unscrew the bird bath basin and put a potted plant, gazing ball, sundial, or statue on the ornamental septic vent pedestal.